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Hoy and Walls boasts incredible natural history and geology. The island is home to many birds and wild flowers, mountain hares and native woodland. Rich in war heritage, social history, archaeology and wild landscapes, Hoy and Walls has lots to offer.

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The Island of Hoy is host to one of the best preserved and least disturbed World War Two defence landscapes in the United Kingdom and can comfortably claim to have the densest concentration of well-preserved wartime sites in Orkney, as well as being some of the richest sites in both Scotland and the whole of the UK.

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Scapa Flow Visitor Centre (opening Summer 2022) tells the remarkable story of Scapa Flow’s significance during both World Wars. This newly redeveloped museum concentrates on military history and the experience of the islanders who hosted many thousands of troops.

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Hackness Battery and Martello Tower, built during the Napoleonic Wars, are a rare survival. The site is open during the Summer season.

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Hoy Heritage Centre has displays about the social and natural history of the parish of Hoy in the north of the island. Discover more about the Old Man of Hoy, the Dwarfie Stone and the cultural draw of the valley of Rackwick. There are three folk museums in Rackwick.

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There are places to eat and drink at Stromabank Hotel, The Royal Hotel, Emily’s Tea Room and Beneth’ill Café. JMF Groat’s shop with Post Office is situated at Longhope Pier.

image credits: Mary Harris / Orkney.com / Beep boop beep, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0&gt;, via Wikimedia Commons / Rebecca Marr / Hoy Heritage