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Dickinson Edleston / Samyntas Stannah / Anne Miles / K.T.J.S / Thomas McCunn / TGB / Hilton Briggs / David & Elizabeth King & E.B / Lord Saltoun / Sir Max Aitkin II / The Queen Mother / Helen Comrie

The First Lifeboat Shed, Aith Hope, Brims

The first lifeboat shed was built in 1874 at the cost of £228-0-0d and was in use until 1906. Doors on both ends enabled the lifeboat to be launched directly into Aith Hope through the east doors or, in adverse weather conditions, launched through the west doors into the North Bay to head out via Scapa Flow. The lifeboats were launched using wooden skids and a mooring system that enabled the boat to be pulled out through the surf into open water. This shed housed the Dickinson Edleston, the Samyntas Stannah and reserve lifeboat the Christopher North Graham. The old lifeboat shed is now used by local fishermen as a packing station for shellfish.

The Second Lifeboat Shed, Brims

The second lifeboat station and slipway was built in 1906 at the cost of £2,975-1-9d. The lifeboat shed has accommodated lifeboats for 93 years, from the days of the Anne Miles up to the modern lifeboat, the Lord Saltoun. On the 11th of September 1999 the Lord Saltoun was launched for the last time, with a special ceremony to mark 125 years of lifeboats being launched from Brims. This shed now houses our museum, and is still home to the old Longhope lifeboat, the Thomas McCunn.

The present lifeboat station at Longhope Pier and the Helen Comrie berthed at a floating pontoon at Longhope Pier.

Timeline of the Longhope Lifeboat service

1874 Aith Hope Station opened. The first lifeboat the Dickinson Edleston, was a 37ft self righter with sails and 12 oars.First service Jan 30 1884 to the Ben Avon.

1874 Coxswain Benjamin Stout.

1891 Samyntas Stannah lifeboat OR307, 39ft self-righter, sails, 12 oars. First service 1898 Oct 31, to the Manchester City.

1900 Coxswain John Swanson.

1906 Brims Station opened.

1906 Anne Miles 43ft Watson class, sails and 10 oars lifeboat ON550. First service 8 May 1912 to trawler Dubbleman.

1926 K.T.J.S. 45.6 ft Watson motor class lifeboat OR698, named by Prince George on 6 June 1926. First service Mar 21 1929 to a three-masted schooner J.H. Barrow.

1933 Thomas McCunn 45.6ft Watson motor class lifeboat OR 759. First Service 25 February 1933 to Grimsby trawler Silanion.

1935 Coxswain William Stewart Dass

1946 Coxswain Alfred Johnston 

1954 Coxswain Daniel Kirkpatrick 

Arrival of the TGB alongside the Thomas McCunn

1962 T.G.B. 47ft Watson motor class lifeboat OR962,. First service Aug 4 1962 to the motor fishing boat Daisy of Peterhead.

1969 T.G.B. Lost with all hands, at service to the Liberian steamship Irene.

1970 Aug 9 HM Queen Mother unveils memorial in Osmondwall Cemetery

1970 Coxswain John Leslie

1970 Hilton Briggs 52ft Barnett class lifeboat ON889. (Reserve Lifeboat ). First service June 23 1970, urgent medical transfer.

1970 David & Elizabeth King & E.B. 48.6ft Solent class lifeboat ON1010. First service December 29 1970, urgent medical transfer.

1988 Coxswain Billy Budge

1988 Lord Saltoun 47ft Tyne class lifeboat ON113. First service Jan 17, urgent medical transfer.

1994 Coxswain Ian McFadyen

1992 The Famous Grouse Tyne class lifeboat, (Relief lifeboat ) First Service June 14 to yacht Sandwood.

1997 Lord Saltoun 47ft Tyne class lifeboat ON1138.

1997 Margaret Russell Fraser 52ft Arun class lifeboat. (Relief lifeboat )  First Service Dec 15 to two fish farm tenders.

1998 Newsbuoy 52ft Arun class lifeboat. (Relief lifeboat). First Service May 15 1998 to fishing vessel Sapphire.

1999 Lord Saltoun 47ft Tyne class lifeboat ON1138. Service Mar 19 to the Multitank  Ascania.

1999 Last slipway launch from Brims, Lord Saltoun September 1999.

1999 Lifeboats now afloat at Longhope Pier.

2000 Sir Max Aitkin II 52ft Arun lifeboat ON1098. First Service April 4 to bulk carrier Yeoman Bank.

2001 New lifeboat station opened at Longhope Pier

2002 Coxswain Kevin Kirkpatrick

2002 28 May Patron HRH Princess Royal, opens Longhope Lifeboat Museum.

2004 The Queen Mother 52ft Arun class lifeboat ON1149. First service July 27 to passenger vessel North Coast Explorer.

2006 Helen Comrie 16m Tamar class lifeboat ON1284. First service Nov 11 2006 to tanker FR8 Venture

images: Longhope Lifeboat Museum Archives / Mary Harris / RNLI Archives / Orkney Library & Archive / Orkney Image Library